Top Reasons to Buy a Media Centre PC

If asked, not that many people would even think of using a computer for living room entertainment however, computers these days are much more than just unattractive beige boxes that you only used for work. Our appetite for home entertainment media has now fueled our desire for a all in one multimedia solution for the living room. With the price of computer hardware at an all time low Media Centre PC's are fast becoming the new must haves as far as style and convenience is concerned.

Here's a few reasons why we think they are the best.

* A Media Centre PC can store your whole DVD and CD collection once you have a big enough hard drive fitted. This is a BIG plus for those people who have lots of movies or music and is running out of space. The amount of storage space that you could potentially save speaks for itself.
* The average person at home may have a separate Satellite Receiver, DVD Player, Games Console and maybe more. A Media PC can incorporate all of these functions from one central unit without needing to swap remotes or plugs making your living room entertainment time a lot simpler.
* As most Media Centre PC's have the capability of connecting to the internet it is now possible to subscribe to other online services such as movies that stream directly into your home or watch free cinema movie trailers directly to your TV Some Linux based Media software even lets you speak to distant friends or family through the television via VOIP (Voice Over IP) from the comfort of your living room (Star Trek style).
* Back from holiday? Expecting visitors? Well, instead of passing the camera to everyone one by one so they can see the pictures you could just attach the camera via usb and let the Computer do the rest by creating a slide show everyone can see at once.

Were sure by now that you could see the benefits of having a Media Centre PC in your home as nothing really comes close to the functionality that these dream machines can offer.

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