do you want to hide your ip and Surf Anonymously on the Internet?

If you are about to take a decision on whether or not to hide your IP address, then you're in the right direction. More people are beginning to understand why it is necessary to protect your Internet protocol address each time they visit a website. Your IP address is provided by your Internet service provider (ISP) to create a unique identity for you. This helps the websites visited by you to create an identity for each time you visit. As good as all these ideas sound, your Internet Protocol can also be used to steal your online identity. That's why most online security experts suggest that people should begin to surf anonymously.

The first time I realized that I had to change my IP address each time you visit any website, I tried a simple method that is called an open proxy server. Free proxy servers provided opportunities to surf anonymously without users having to pay a penny. Those who are heavy users of the Internet need something much better than these free proxy servers online. Not recommended for people who have a lot to protect this service. Many of them are severely limited in terms of facilities, and rarely can penetrate some HTTPS sites. Users who need something much stronger than what a free proxy server provides you should opt for a paid service, after all, some of them with quality services.

People who are occasional Internet users should also be aware of the fact that some of these so-called proxy servers are free potential hackers. They are good for monitoring your online activities, are dealing with a lot of great attacks.

The other option he gave me my chance when I was looking for a way to change my IP address is called the software to hide IP address or application. This application is needed by large consumers where they want to surf anonymously online. It works silently behind the scene to prevent unwanted monitoring and to provide different means to hide your IP. Unlike the free Web server that slows down your speed Internet, this application does not interfere.

Finally, this software is licensed by the relevant authorities, making them more secure and assured to use the time you want to hide your IP address.

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