12 of Most Valuable Google free Tools

Google has become the dominant search engine on the Internet.
It would be hard to imagine a web without Google. For this
matter, now would be hard to imagine a world without Google.
As alarming as it may seem to many people, that does not stop

For better or worse Google has penetrated almost every aspect
of our daily lives. Be searched in Google is now a common expression
an act carried out by millions of users around the world every day.
New Google products and services are coming on stream at a frightening
pace, further increasing Google's impact on our lives.

Despite this dominating presence, many people still do not realize
Google offers some excellent tools free marketing services for sellers
and webmasters. Marketing tools which can be very valuable
to any webmaster or marketer trying to promote their sites or
products online. Useful tools that will make your promotions
easier and more profitable.

Do not be fooled by the "free" label, these marketing tools
might be free, but there are also valuable. One even wonders
Why Google would be giving away these tools and services
free? It is probably a good business in the long
execution, by providing these free tools Google is fostering a
many of the company of good will and build the Google brand
name in the process. Good public relations is good business.

Each seller and webmaster should take advantage of
Google is breaking the goodwill and professionalism of these
marketing tools and services. Here's a quick decline of
the 10 most valuable free Google Internet marketing tools:

1. Google Analytics

Perhaps the main marketing tool offered by Google.
It will be useful for both the merchant and the webmaster.
Google Analytics offers a daily snapshot of your website. Google
Google Analytics parses the traffic, where it comes from and what makes
once it enters your site. You can control up to three sites

Google Analytics is extremely valuable in the analysis of
marketing funnel, it tracks all the steps prior to its
sales or checkout page. Vital information to increase
its conversion rate and ROI.

Can be placed on a waiting list for this high
demand for Google.

LINK http://www.google.com/analytics/

2. Google Sitemaps

Webmasters can use Google Sitemaps to almost instantly place
newly created pages on your site in Google Search Index.
This is an XML file that is uploaded to Google as new pages
Are added in place. Needless to say, this can be a valuable
service for any webmaster or seller who wants to get their
information on the web quickly.

LINK https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/docs/en/about.html

3. Google Alerts

Be notified when someone or another site lists your site
or mentions your name. Great way to keep track of all
online activities. Great way to monitor all of their online
business interests and products.

LINK http://www.google.com/alerts

4. Google Froogle
Froogle is Google's price directory! It simply lists all
cheapest prices for different products on the web.
For marketers and webmasters who are promoting products,
to be studied and analyzed. Optimizing your
site content for Froogle may prove extremely beneficial.

Follow Froogle or Google directions exactly on how
list or show the products on your site. Are Froogle
spider your site and display their prices and products
thousands of targeted customers. That, as they say,

LINK http://froogle.google.com/

5. Google Checkout

Not exactly free, but for those sellers who use AdWords
--- For every $ 1 spent on AdWords you can process $ 10 free.
You can also place the logo of your shopping cart on your AdWords ad
and take advantage of the prestige and trust Google
brand name has built.

Over time marketers may find this tool to be very
effective and valuable.

LINK https://checkout.google.com/

6. Google eBlogger

Blogging has become vitally important to the health and
operation of your website. No site must not
at least one blog and RSS. Creating a blog (online diary)
on the theme of your site or product will bring in extra traffic
and target customers. is a free simple eBlogger
blogging service that even lets you publish a blog post or
files to your own web server. Note that each blog
is that all important Google Blog Search bar.

LINK http://www.blogger.com/

7. Google Toolbar - Enterprise Version

Try the new enterprise version of Google Toolbar
for your company or business. It integrates a number of
features with all of its employees or companies
network. These could include a common customer
database, company calendar, financial news ...

Keep in mind, Google also ranks pages that rates of
a scale of 0-10. While it is important to know the Page Rank
their own pages, it is even more important to know the PR of
pages of your competitor. You can use the toolbar to get
the PR of each page you are visiting. Extremely useful
information for webmasters and marketers to know when
liaison training online or trade agreements.

LINK http://toolbar.google.com/T4/enterprise/

8. Google Groups

Each seller knows the importance of having a large
contact list of people with similar interest. Social
network will play an increasing role in its
Success on the web. Just look at the growing popularity
sites like MySpace and LiveJournal.

Google groups is another form of social and business
networking that every marketer must know and

LINK http://groups.google.com/

9. Google Adsense

A simple way to monetize your web content is
By using Google Adsense. Just place the Adsense code
on your site and receive a check from Google, each
month. For webmasters who are not really
online marketing (there are no such creatures?) Adsense
can be a painless way of providing additional income

For professional marketers using the Adsense system can
providing a wealth of marketing information in
keywords in your niche. Is maintained
marketer informed on what keywords are being bid
on and how much advertisers are willing to pay.

Adsense also has an excellent real-time monitoring
system that can be used to track all
important web pages.

LINK https://www.google.com/adsense/

10. Google Writely

A recent addition to Google's stable of free products.
Writely is a full featured online writing editor
spelling and the great collaboration features. Also
allows you to publish your content directly to their blogs.
One feature that may be attractive to advertisers, allowing
the save files in the popular PDF download format.

Lets face it, until video takes over the web in four
or five years the time --- the written word is still king in the
net. It is the medium that markets, promotes and sells
their content or products. Writely will help you write better.

LINK http://www.writely.com

11.Trends Honorable Mention - Google

This Google program will let you search popular trends,
important for marketers searching for the latest hot
products to promote. You can also break these trends
for different regions.

LINK http://www.google.com/trends

12.Google Chrome

Google began taking part in the battle of the browsers in early 2008 for the release of its browser, Google Chrome. The initial version was directed only towards users of Microsoft Windows. However, during December 2009, Google launched the official beta for Max OSX and Linux.

Chrome has shown he can fight the existing giants. In a relatively short period of time, it has surpassed the market share of Safari and Opera. It currently has a significant share of 4.26%, ranking third. The Internet Explorer still holds a majority share of 63.6%, while Firefox has gained 24.7%.

So far, there is a positive outlook for chromium. Many existing users of Safari has been reported that as the response time using the browser. It also develops the browser user experience in mind, thus, has a very limited number of buttons and menu items. This gives the user a larger viewing area.

On the negative side, the browser still in beta phase for Mac and Linux users. Some users have noticed the lack of control over their bookmarks are not a reason to make the change immediately. Most tech savvy users who are accustomed to living with custom plug-ins with Firefox will also take some time to switch to the new. While Chrome has extensions, it is not yet mature.

In conclusion, Chrome has demonstrated promising results obtained so far. It continues to increase market share in 2010, because it improves the stability and overall user experience across all platforms.

LINK http://www.google.com/chrome?hl=en

Final note

Please note that signing a Google account will
usually helps in obtaining most of these free services
programs. Some of these programs may have to be requested
individually. But be assured, all these services free Google marketing
tools are well worth your time and effort. They make their
marketing easier and that will help any webmaster or marketer
manage their online business more efficiently.