Dirty Cars Drawing Art

One of the most bizarre arts I have ever seen is the dirty cars drawing art
I never imagined that the dirty cars could create very brilliant and majestic art like this but it seems that the creative minds have more and more to impress us with so I will leave you with pictures and as we know a picture worth a thousand word
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Top Ten Strangest Places on Earth (various pictures)

We often feel with astonishment when we see the photos exhibited by NASA for other planets as MARS, VENUS and MERCURY but actually we do not have to travel to these planets to see such scenes because there are more strange scenes on earth


Do not think that photos are of another planet or for an ancient geological age but it’s a recent shots for SOCOTRA ISLAND , it is located 350 KM southern the Arabian peninsula in the Indian ocean the scientists think that it was separated from INDIA six or seven years ago
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First Designed Calculator (Curta)

construction calculator- mechanical calculator
In our daily life we might face some situations that force us to make some mathematical calculations so we resort to a calculator whether of the cell phones or the computer for doing so .have you ever imagined how they were doing this before inventing the calculator
Can you imagine the problems that could face those who work in the field of
mathematical equations and the sum of the obstacles that was facing them without calculators and how scientists like ISSAN NEOTEN ,JOHANS KELLER and LORD KLEN could help the humanity with their inventions
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Top 50 Strangest Ads Around The World

in our daily life we see advertisements everywhere: in street …at work…..means of transportations …internet , the impression that left by the advertisment in our minds changes our buying desire so it’s idea must have innovation and mastering.… and sometimes it turned to madness as we will see in this group.
-  Environmental ads: in this ad the wwf environmental organization tries to warn about the danger of deforestation
Advertisement Ideas - advertising techniques

- Toothpaste that make you able to bit everything until the ad panel
Builds strong teeth
Advertisement Ideas
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The Age of Tablet Computers Has Begun

With every sun rising we are surprised with a new technological invention such as the tablet computers which are expected to replace the laptops in the near future
tablet computers comparison
ASUS TRANSFORMU a tablet computer and net book at the same time that you can use it as a wireless keyboard by separating the screen from the keyboard
The new age begun with launching the first tablet device IPAD by APPLE corporation, the IPAD gone beyond any expectation and worked better than some computers also the quality of its screen is very high
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Future Laptop computers Design – Top 15 Design

All great achievements started with non-traditional ideas that developed  in their owner minds and with little of creativity and a lot of insistence it turned into real achievements  , so what about watching some of this of non-conventional ideas for future laptop designs?

Rolltop laptop (Foldable):

laptop computers

If you want to use it as a normal laptop , it will look like the majority of 13- inch screen laptops that we see , but with a non-traditional difference:  Read more »

Why is My Computer Slow - Top ten Tips for Computer Speedup

At some point in time we all reach the point where our pc is not running a quickly as we like. With an aging pc, it's nearly inevitable. But, there are lots of points that you could do, short of buying a brand new pc, in which enable you to get a quicker, a lot more responsive personal computer. Before I provide you with my ten ideas, I desire to introduce you to a tool that includes Home windows Vista and also 7 that assesses your computer's troubles. It'll give you a much better notion of what may be the principal issue together with your computer, and enable you to fix the dilemma(s). Firstly, click Begin, next Control Panel. Now go to the System as well as Security tab and also click Program. Within the menu that appears, click Performance Information and Tools under the See also heading of the left panel. Next click Advanced Tools within the left panel and in the new dialog, scroll down as well as click on Create a Method Health Report. This is going to take a few minutes to identify feasible issues along with your personal computer. It may also be beneficial to re-assess the Windows Experience Index. If you want any support with interpreting these outcomes, just contact us. With out further adieu, here are my leading 10 tips for how to speed up your computer:

1) Free disk space
Possibly the most obvious alternative is simply to free of charge up some of your disk space. This offers a lot more space for the method to run and thus your pc can certainly be quicker as a result. To do this, click Start, Control Panel, click the Programs tab as well as next Programs and Features. Then a list of your programs is going to come up. Simply pick a software program which you don't will need or do not want anymore and click uninstall. It's in which easy! Right after you have removed some unwanted programs, specifically significant programs, you ought to notice your personal computer speed up a bit.

2) Clear your web cache

Here's another tip that men and women often forget. Clearing your net cache can increase the speed of your internet browser as well as by extension, your pc. What exactly is the internet cache you ask? While you check out world wide web sites, your web internet browser stores information in a folder, known as a cache. If it's been a long time because you've cleared your cache (or you have in no way cleared your cache) after that it'd be a fantastic idea to clear it. Here's how to do it on Net Explorer: Go to Tools, after that click on Web Options. Under history, click on Delete and also tick the kinds of stored data you'd like to get rid of from the cache.

3) Run a disk cleanup
Usually an overlooked feature, the capability to run a disk cleanup is really a simple as well as efficient approach to make your computer run quicker. Basically, disk cleanup identifies as well as removes superfluous program files, helping to make your computer run quicker as a result. To access this tool, click Start, Computer then appropriate click the disk which you want to clean (normally your C:/ drive) as well as click Properties. Within the popup that appears, click disk cleanup. The application is going to then assess your laptop or computer and also present you with various options of files in which it can certainly get rid of and also the quantity of space in which could be freed. When you are unsure about what to pick, merely leave the defaults. Next, disk cleanup will certainly run and also do the rest for you! Yet another software program that is great to download which performs a comparable function is CCleaner.

4) Perform a defrag
Yet another effective tool that you can use in which a lot of people don't utilise will be the defragmentation tool in which comes with Microsoft windows. Defrag analyses the way which the files are arranged on your challenging drive and also re-arranges them to promote speed and also efficiency for your pc. It is like auditing as well as sorting the computer's files basically. To run a defrag, go to start, Pc and after that appropriate click on the drive you want to run a defrag on and click Properties. From the dialog that appears, navigate towards the Tools tab as well as click on Defragment now. From there, follow the prompts to analyse and defragment the volume (this component slightly distinct according to your version of Home windows) (P.S I'm following my own advice and also ran a defrag on my own computer whilst writing this).

5) Scan your pc for spyware as well as malware
If your computer is running slow consistently, this might be because of a virus, spyware software or comparable malware. You mightn't even know in which the computer program has accessed your files as well as it altering program settings (not a nice thought). When you have an anti-virus or other anti-malware computer program on your personal computer, run a full program scan as well as check to see if there's anything lurking around that shouldn't be there. When you do not already have a application installed, you can download Microsoft Essentials for no cost, http://www.microsoft.com/security/pc-security/mse.aspx. AVG is additionally a well-liked free of charge anti-virus. Most Home windows computers additionally have defender on them, so navigate to Control Panel as well as click Microsoft windows Defender to open it. Next perform a full method scan. Several other anti-spyware and also anti-malware programs and also readily available. A fast search on Google is going to bring up many of these. I say this because it is often excellent to run far more than 1 type of anti-malware program. This is sort of like finding a second opinion. One software might locate some thing that the previous didn't, or one may be more akin to locating particular difficulties, on certain operating systems as well as so on...

6) Run chkdsk
Chkdsk (check disk) is actually a neat little software program that can easily check your computer for errors. At times your computers data file program can easily accumulate errors, significantly like DNA can certainly accumulate mutations over the period of a person's lifespan (though at a greater rate needless to say). These errors need to be fixed or they can easily cause difficulties with the functioning of your personal computer and cause it to run slowly. Here's just how to access it: Go to begin, Computer and also proper click on the drive you want to run chkdsk on. Next click on Properties and also navigate towards the Tools tab. From there, click on Check now. You might be necessary to present administrative access to do this. Check both of the tick boxes and also click begin. When you do this on your C:/ drive after that your computer will certainly prompt you to do this on restart. Any time you're ready, restart the machine as well as chkdsk can run next, automatically fixing any errors which it encounters.

7) Auto-allocate your virtual memory
This one's a neat little system change that I usually perform when trying to speed up someone's personal computer. This is due to the fact most older computers don't auto-allocate their own virtual memory, causing the program to run slower as a result. This may not be the cause on newer computers, but it's worth a check anyway. By auto-allocating virtual memory, the method could establish how significantly space it wants to perform and also set-up tasks, leaving additional space accessible for the method to run smoothly. To auto-allocate your virtual memory, click Commence, Control Panel, click the Method and Security tab, then click Method. As soon as you are at the System screen, click on Advanced system settings (in the left panel). You might be needed to provide administrator access. After that under the Performance heading, click Settings. In the dialog that appears, navigate towards the Advanced tab as well as then click Change under the Virtual Memory box. Here click the checkbox in which says "Automatically manage paging data file size for all drives". Click OK. You may need to restart your personal computer. If the tick box is already checked, after that this setting is already applied.

8) Alter your visual settings

If your pc is still running slow, you may get a vast improvement from lowering your visual settings. We all enjoy the new whizz-bang graphics of modern-day operating systems, but for some older computers (end even some newer ones) this can certainly be a taxing job to complete. To adjust the visual settings, click Start, Control Panel as well as then click on the Program and also Security tab. From the next menu, click on Advanced program settings link on the left panel. On the dialog in which appears, click on Settings under the Performance panel. Then you could click the "Adjust for best performance" radio button or tick the boxes of the visual settings that you want to remove. It's normally best to get rid of things like aero peek, transparent glass, drop-animations as well as fading, depending on just how severe your slowed pc is. You can certainly alternatively appropriate click on the desktop, click Personalise, as well as next scroll down to Fundamental and also Classic styles as well as choose 1 of those. If what I described prior to seems too hard, select the Simple option via this strategy.

9) Change your bios

If you have still got a slow computer that's not acting as rapidly as you'd like, next you might have to fiddle around with the bios. The bios is really a simplistic user interface that permits you to edit the computer's hardware settings. To access bios, you must hit a particular key upon a method begin up (this indicates you'll need to restart your personal computer). Typical keys include F2, F8 and also DEL. The screen that flashes up for several seconds the 1st issue you turn the personal computer on need to tell you what button, otherwise just attempt to hit all of the above mentioned ones. Once the bios comes up (it need to be a extremely plain, typically blue background display) you will need to locate a setting that is along the lines of Graphics allocation. I cannot give you the direct particulars due to the fact not each and every bios is the identical. I also point out that not every bios has this choice. Basically, you would like to change this graphics allocation to be a higher number. Say it's set to 64MB, alter it to 128MB, or as high as it goes. Once again, when you cannot locate it under any of the tabs, after that your bios does not support this function, sadly.

10) Upgrade your hardware
By this stage, you ought to have truly noticed a alter in the performance of your personal computer. In case you haven't, or you're still not pleased using the speed of your computer, after that you will must upgrade your hardware. Often, this is as easy as finding much more RAM (random access memory). Other times is can be far more complex, like altering your motherboard. You will require to obtain some far more suggestions so that you can establish what's needed, so you can easily contact us at our internet sites as a way to find out what we suggest for you.