Desktop PCs Available in Many Models

If you're ready to buy a new desktop PC, start your shopping armed with a list of features not negotiable. These are the things you can not live without. For example, if you want to run more than one program at a time, a dual-core processor.

Most new computers include a one year warranty. An extended warranty coverage for two or three years could cost $ 200. Ask what is covered, such as home repair, all parts or technical advice online. It may be worth the money if you are an owner of a computer without experience.

If you are unsure about how to add more memory or RAM (random access memory), note that adding that later, when I would have liked, is much more expensive than if installed at the factory. If the video store or thousands of photos, you may need extra storage capacity.

you'll be using the computer to run a home business? So you want to upgrade the professional level of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition. You can find a bargain if you will use to send emails, browse and albums of family photos. In case of a player, dig deep for a quad processor and all other high end features requires a much greater cost.

Check to find USB ports are conveniently located in the front of your PC so you can connect and disconnect as needed. Decide how many additional USB ports that may be needed later and make sure they are in the model you buy. If you plan to manually add the system at a later time, for easy access to the hard drive.

Select a motherboard with an open slot for graphics, as well as those installed at the factory. A dual-core processor is adequate unless you are a player. Then you will be interested in a quadruple system. The price of this system is considerably higher.

If you're in the store that has the desktop PC with all the features you need, you may be tempted to wait for a sale. That's a great idea, unless there is any possibility of a sale on the model chosen. If so, bring it home with you today.

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