3 Technologies That Could Use Enhancements

As we move further into an era of technological advances, it is unfortunate that sometimes when certain products of science are left in the cold when it comes to upgrade. Although some mechanical elements can not be replaced every few years because of cost, this does not prevent consumers from spending a little more than one piece new generation of the same teams.

Whether intentional (to make more money) or not viable, it seems that certain pieces of technology are advancing more slowly than others. Technologies that make money for us to get the most attention when it comes time to upgrade. However, it would be nice if things every day jumped to twenty-first century?

Here are 3 commonly used technologies that need an update on improvements for consumers:


There is nothing in the kitchen more frustrating and complicated than the dishwasher. Overall, most people have accepted the mere existence of a dishwasher to be wonderful, but the technology still has a burden for consumers. Why most dishwashers placed next to the sink, but the lack of a post directly from the sink? In a way, the dishes are placed in the first or second tier "shelves" of the dishwasher, then pushed in.

What if there are five smaller, unique "shelves", each tailored to particular sizes or shaped kitchen items, and these shelves rotate like a Ferris wheel, while still sitting in the dishwasher, but capable of extracting and loading while sitting in an adjacent toilet? This is just a concept that makes it more convenient for the user in terms of time, effort and space used. The classic dishwasher was a great improvement over hand-washing, now it's time for another jump.

Drive-Thru Restaurant

I'm sure we've all had this experience:
"Can I get a cheeseburger without pickles and extra onions?"
"Ok, so you want a meatburger extra large fries?"
"Um, no. Not even close."

Often a drive-thru has been more a hindrance than "fast". In an era of consumer demand, where is the call to order the touch-screen menus in drive-thrus? This not only eliminate the average person, but it is profitable and requires more consumer interaction and control. This application can reduce the functions similar to restaurant servers and introducing touch screen menu order of where you sit. Why make sense to have an average person (server) where the consumer can transmit digital information to the chef in the kitchen?


As a consumer, I always wondered why refrigerators were so slow in adapting to technological advances. Hopefully in the near future, refrigerators are mass produced with Internet technology. What does this mean? With the power of bar codes and scanners, articles can be identified by the bar and are displayed on a touch screen or display module, located on the outside of the refrigerator. This will not only help with the organization, but may also suggest to go shopping, what to get, and recommend the best shopping deals in the neighborhood based on the items you have previously purchased.

Now this sounds terrible, but as a consumer, I sometimes take the old "look inside" approach to reality, see what I want. Where is the innovation to see in a refrigerator without opening it? How many times (when I was younger or if you're a parent) has neglected to someone "standing with the refrigerator / freezer door open? Technology should help us by creating "shutters refrigerator" to allow visual access when necessary and to provide privacy, if not family members are present.

Research shows that technology continues to evolve at a faster pace. Consumer and business technologies are being integrated. What was scarcely possible 20 years ago is now almost a utility required. In ten years we will witness the emergence of other products or developments that attack to mind the question: "How to live without this?"

Even with this great world of technology, we must be humble and recognize the benefits of true labor. In a world of mass communication and technology, is our personal duty to create and use technology in a way beneficial, productive and intelligent.

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