Control Google Chrome From the Nav. Bar and Shortcut Keys

Chrome, Google's vision of the future web browser has some unique characteristics that are sure to make your browsing experience fun. With customizable look, dozens of keyboard shortcuts, and an intuitive interface, users of Chrome will enjoy the eccentricities of a long time. From the address bar ... The address bar

The nav bar, which enter the URL of a web page serves a dual purpose, giving users the options to enter a URL or search term. You can enter a URL as in any other browser and hit "Enter." Or type your search phrase and press "Enter."

You also have the option to choose which search engine to use during the search in the URL address bar.

1. Enter search engine name to use as "Google" or "Yahoo" or "Wiki" and then a space.
2. Enter your search phrase and press Enter.

You can do the same search engine URLs.

1. Type the URL of the search engine to use and press "Tab.
2. Enter your search phrase and press "Enter."

Your reliance on your mouse will begin to dwindle after a few sessions with Chrome thanks to several convenient keyboard shortcuts the Google innovators developed.
Google Shortcut Keys
Ctrl+L- To get to the address bar without clicking, just type the "Control" button and "L". This will highlight the address bar text regardless of where you were on the page before.
Ctrl+Left Arrow- This command will take the cursor to the beginning of the previous word in the address bar, so no more scrolling or selecting with a mouse!
Ctrl+Right Arrow- This command takes your cursor to the beginning of the next word in the address bar.
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow- This combination of key strikes will highlight the entire previous word in the address bar text.
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow- Use this command to highlight the entire next word in the address bar text.
Ctrl+Enter- This combination automatically adds
"<br> http://www." [http://www.] and ".com"
to your search query to take you to the web site. You could just type "microsoft" in the address bar and then hit "Ctrl" and "Enter" and "CNN" will turn into
Ctrl+Enter- This combination works differently when you hit it after typing a URL rather than a search query. Type and hit "Ctrl" and "Enter" and you the link will open in a new background tab.

Uninstall Google Chrome , how to do?

Google Chrome is a browser developed by Google in early September, which combines a minimalist design to make the web faster, safer and easier. A lot of people love Google Chrome, however, for some reason some of them still want to uninstall after trying this new browser. So how to uninstall?

First, you can use its own uninstaller, as other programs.
- Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar.

- Point to All Programs - Google Chrome> - uninstall> Google Chrome.

- Click the Yes button in the confirmation dialog box.

Or you can go to Control Panel from the Start menu, then find Google Chrome to the list and click the Remove button.

Secondly, it is necessary to manually delete some files that Google Chrome leaves behind. You can go to Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChrome to remove them.

However, even to the two previous steps, you still can not ensure that Google Chrome has been completely eliminated. Some entries in the register is kept and it is difficult for home users to find and remove. If you want to completely eliminate Chrome, a better solution is to find some software to help uninstall.

For example, you can try Final Uninstaller, a clean uninstall tool "that it supported the removal of Google Chrome. Ensures complete removal, not only by eliminating all your files, but also all related registry entries chromium your computer. Click here for more features of Final Uninstaller or you can download directly to have a real experience.

learn How to Format and Install Windows 7 In Easy Way


Windows 7 is much better than previous versions of Windows (XP and Vista). The installation process is simple and simple and easy to follow. Big Bravo to Microsoft for this. Now, just follow these steps and you will install Windows 7 in no time.

You can install Windows 7 via DVDs that you purchased or USB boot.

1. First, insert the boot disk of Windows 7 in your DVD drive and restart your PC while the PC is restarted, it will prompt "Press any key to boot from CD ..." Just press any key

2. After pressing a key, Windows loads the installation files.

3. Windows 7 installation will start

4. Choose your language, Time and currency format and keyboard input (U.S.)

5. Click Install Now to continue, the installation program to load a minute or two

6. Otherwise, select I accept the license terms and click Next, or if you're upgrading from Windows Vista Upgrade select, if you have Windows XP you have to choose Custom (advanced). Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 is not available. Click Custom (Advanced)

7. Then select the partition where you want to install Windows 7, and click Next. You need at least 5716mb of free space.

8. If you do not have enough free space to install Windows 7, will receive the warning.

9. If this is the case, you must format the partition that has already installed the operating system. WARNING: Formatting a partition erases all existing data on the partition, do only if you have a backup all the files!

10. If you want to format the partition, go to Options unit, and format the partition where you want to install Windows. Again, do this only if you have backup of documents / files! C format and then lick it

11. After half an hour, the installation is complete and installation of Windows 7 is almost complete. A few minutes

12. Now the computer will restart and the Windows boot disk 7 DVD is still in the drive, the message, press any key to boot from DVD. We did so this time nothing is pressed NO. Wait 5 seconds and the computer will start and finish installing the operating system.

13. Windows continue booting and the installation and install the windows 7.

Good luck!

Learn How to Install Windows XP In Easy way

Windows XP is one of the best Microsoft operating systems. Realizing the popularity of it, Microsoft has allowed the use as XP, even in the last 7 Windows. Windows installation procedure may differ depending on the requirement. A person may have to perform a clean installation, or some may try to update it. While some can in practice a multi-boot operation.

Clean Installation

Before installing Windows make sure your computer has the minimum hardware requirements to support Windows XP.


"As per statement must have a computer equipped with a minimum processor of 233 MHz to 300 MHz or higher Minimum memory RAM2 about 64 MB to 128 MB RAM or higher video card and monitor Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution and hard drive space -1.5 GB or higher. "

Note: Additional GB 1.8 Service Pack 2 and additional 900MB Service Pack 3.

Follow the steps to install Windows XP:

Step 1 - Load the Windows XP CD in your DVD-ROM drive and restart the computer. Press any key when prompted "any key to boot from CD" Press.

Step 2 - Wait for the Windows installation screen. You will get options like: New Windows installation, repair previous installation, or quit. Press Enter to start a new Windows installation.

Step 3 - Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process with the setup wizard.

Step 4 - Now, to partition press "C" Are you flexible in deciding the partition number and size of each. Press Return once you have decided on the size. You can choose the partition where you want to search for XP operating system files. Choose the file system as "NTFS", as allowed for Windows XP and complete the installation procedure with the help of on-screen instructions.

Upgrading to Windows XP

You can easily upgrade your current edition of XP that you want. You have to follow the steps above, except when asked for installation type, select Upgrade (the default) and then click Next. Now follow the instructions on the screen and the Windows XP installation is complete.

In case you are interested to boot multiple must install each operating system on a different partition on the hard drive, otherwise you may suffer from conflict software problem.

thank you