Desktop Sticky Notes For your own xp Windows

Desktop Sticky Notes
While people used to – and often still do – cover your desk with sticky notes, now you can put virtual sticky notes on your desktop too. Efficient Sticky Notes is a simple method to send reminders to yourself when you’re sure to see them.Sticky Note effective user interface is attractive and intuitive, recalling bits of Microsoft Outlook. Preview notes are displayed in a top panel, while a lower panel shows the full body of the selected note. Users can certainly choose whether or not to take into account all displayed around the desk, making the application for assistance to take notes that do not necessarily need right away. We liked that the software allows users to change the background color and opacity of sticky notes, and is also very useful where users can attach files to notes. We hope that the program had a much better way to handle long notes, however. Sticky notes full text of the note, which can be very difficult to handle if a sentient being is much more than a few sentences long. One option for reducing knowledge to leave after a certain number of characters or words would be very welcome, users could then, as they can easily now, click the note to view all content. Effective Sticky Notes includes a Help database that is well written and complete. In general, this application does not play head to toe, but is not a bad choice for users seeking an easy way to make sticky track. Sticky Note actually install and uninstall without problems. We recommend this software program for everyone.

Foxit Pdf Creator/Editor Download

foxit pdf creator/editor download
Foxit Pdf file Designer is really a virtual printer which allows any kind of application with printing abilties to create high-quality PDF docs easily and quickly. Just like the well-known Foxit pdf file reader, Foxit PDF Creator was created mainly based for the same Foxit core PDF technologies. With effective find out ability and high-performance PDF displaying and processing, it’s small, quick as well as accurate for transforming any well-known file formats to specialist quality PDF data files 

Foxit Reader Download – Ebook Reader Software

foxit reader download
Foxit Reader has much time been the most visible Windows alternate to Adobe pdf reader, however with its newest update, this popular free applicaion falters somewhat. While the jump from version 2 to version three cut bloat while placing in a few characteristics, version four adds new features but additionally throws a number of unpleasant curveballs.
The setup progression has grown more cumbersome. It is going to automatically verify you into the Foxit reader license agreement, and you’re additionally opted-in to install the Foxit Search Bar which changes your standard web search provider to Request and also tends to make your home page. It also opts you into the Foxit reader add-on for Firefox, and into creating desktop, quick launch, and Start menu icons in which website link to eBay. Additionally, in our checks, it commandeered the standard PDF viewer option even though we unchecked in which box.

Google For Mobile Phone Applications

Google is approachable and also endlessly useful application Mobile App for  your cell phones .Search is at this totally free app’s coronary heart. The search bar serves recommendations as you kind as well as shops your historical past, both of which save you typing on subsequent search results for related subjects. You could even edit your history searches if the following look for query is related to the first; for instance, if you are querying ice cream cones as well as next ice cream bars. Posted searches results return outcomes within the default browser.  
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maxmem 1.04 memory optimizer pc software

AnalogX MaxMem is a simple computer program that maximizes the amount of physical memory in the system at any given time. You can pinpoint the amount of memory you want readily available in certain circumstances and passive MaxMem could monitor system resources, freeing the memory when necessary.

While running, MaxMem live in the system tray, click the icon calls up a menu with options to configure and run the software. We click on Settings dialog box appeared Settings. It has sliders for three memory functions MaxMem release, each of which accurately describes their behavior, too: At least, newspapers, and aggressive. Minimum is the smallest amount of memory the system requires a periodic review every 3 minutes, while memory is idle, and everything is clean, aggressive use every half hour. This dialog also has a menu to choose which of the three options of cleaning active while left clicking the icon in the system tray. Aggressive chose to measure the maximum effect, establish the limits of our memory, and then click OK. We looked in the system tray and MaxMem showing how to use our memory system for the last 60 seconds in the bar graph legible surprisingly small but serves as an icon by placing the cursor on this icon will also ask for a small box showing the memory resources and the percentage free. We clicked the icon and a message indicates MaxMem was working. sample program that shows aggressive cleaning memory had been recovered, but enough to be free from our test system of 6 GB of RAM to make a substantial difference in performance is hard to say.

If the system is new or has a lot of RAM, you might think you do not need MaxMem, but you can improve performance in games, video production, and other memory-intensive operations. On older systems or those with less memory, may help reduce the gap between frustration and efficiency. MaxMem is free, too, so it is cheaper than the cheapest RAM upgrade.

ZoomIt 4.1 For Presentation Skills Training

Microsoft Zoomit is a nifty little tool screen zoom and record for presentations. It's free, portable and compatible with all versions of Windows XP to be added to Server 2003 and earlier. He sits in the system tray until activated with customizable hotkeys. You can use the capture of portions of the screen, move the enlarged, and even draw on the screen, with or without zoom. Zoomit drawing mode accepts pen input and is compatible with Tablet PC.

Whenever Zoomit initial run, the Options dialog box appears, you can not set their options hotkey or accept the defaults. We have chosen the standard settings, Ctrl-1, 2, 3 and so on, to toggle the zoom, LiveZoom (Vista and Windows Home 7), Draw, the type and interrupt functions. These adjustments include other options such as fonts in the Type tab and a timer and an Advanced tab of interruption. Zoomit main function try clicking the zoom icon in the computer program in the system tray and through the combination of keys, both worked without problems. Zoom makes us click, select a portion of the screen with a left mouse click and scroll the mouse wheel, the screen image zoom, as well as out, and we've been able to move the enlarged easily by clicking with the mouse, drag the image and left click to lock. Pressing Esc or double-click the restored image of the screen to normal. The drawing tool worked fine with the mouse and a Wacom pen, producing a customizable display any image that triggers it. We start from the 1 minute timer, activated, and a blank screen appeared with a digital clock that counts down to 1 minute. Each time the rest time was over, the screen returned to normal, and went back to work.

The timing and smoothness are essential in the presentations, and also without public likes to stay still while the ball with file menus and slideshows uncomfortable image. Zoomit can give a touch of magic. With a little practice, you could probably become so adept with Zoomit as the average teenager with text messages.

Definition Of Information Technology Overload

Are you having a challenging time understanding several different issues that you come across and also maybe even to gain a much better understanding of information overload definition?

This really is quite accurate to several people particularly those who are into on line company and also advertising. Let us try to comprehend exactly why this really is so by identifying the main and general causes of such an overload.

- Rapid improve within the influx of info -

This is frequently true. The Internet serves a great deal of individuals and convey so much information that there appears to be visitors in the information's ins and outs. Even before you are able to digest fully 1 batch of information, new sets come along.

- Ease in information transmission -

The Web is 1 means to support that trend. There's merely no barrier in channeling info web based that dissemination builds up effortlessly that causes the overload. Information overload definition appears to go along with using the reasons for its convenience.

- Intensified channels -

Using the technology, there comes much more viable venues for information to spread and also squander around. There is e-mail, instant messages as well as the likes. In several forms, info can certainly get to or perhaps via anybody.

- Inconsistency as well as inaccuracy -

This is one main cause of confusion in the world of information. The opposition of particular information each claiming to be truer than the other trigger a lot confusion on the part from the receiver. Using the identification of the feasible trigger of this overload, you can certainly trim down the info overload definition. And whenever this occurs, you should be in a position to reject all those in which confuse you and absorb only what's essential for the company.

Most frequently, we lack the ability or the correct indicates to compare as well as process the info that is given to us. If we really mean to free ourselves from such a burden, then maybe it's the correct time to find in which ideal solution as well as get a great computer program to make it work for all of us. Never think that there can certainly never be an efficient tool to obtain you through the process of eliminating information overload simply because there is one - 1 that could let you achieve in which company success you have been aiming for.

No more insignificant info to block your thoughts or confuse you more. With the perfectly correct instrument and also system, you could very well be on your method to capturing all essential details needed for the venture to thrive in the industry so don't waste your time on info that could short-change you into confusion.

With all consideration of these issues, you may have that info overload definition in addition to its corresponding and also suitable treatment.

information technology infrastructure

With each service provider getting more and more dependent on IT for their function, whether it's in the production process or for their accounting, best practices need to be an important part from the set-up. Just as businesses seek ISO certification, companies are in addition looking to make certain their own IT sections are up to the mark in an increasingly globalized world.

Users of ITIL additionally report substantial cost financial savings as well as efficiency in development. Major customers of ITIL consist of the biggies from the company globe, for example Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Procter & Gamble, just a sampling of the hundreds of organizations worldwide who are finding ITIL to be indispensable.

As with something like agile project management, ITIL works toward a better understanding of the customer, potential or otherwise. As a cost-saving technique, it's got worked wonders and businesses who have adopted it are grateful, especially within the time of an economic crunch where belt-tightening is the watchword. Communication between respective IT departments and also customers has in addition improved, meaning for transparency.

IT was always considered to be somewhat of a mysterious sector particularly among those unfamiliar with it. However, ITIL has cleared the channels of communication allowing for more interactions with the customer.Failing to bring IT departments up to standards additionally means the possibility of businesses losing out on revenues.

Developed in conjunction with both public and private sector organizations worldwide, ITIL provides a comprehensive, consistent and also coherent set of processes for IT management as well as is emphasized by formal qualifications and an associated training scheme.

ITIL was developed within the late 1980s and also the rights are still owned by the British government. The government realized up-to-the-mark IT was needed in areas like the tendering process. It was additionally acceptance that IT was propelling many organizations to the extent they were dependent on it. Naturally, if It's not what it should be in a service provider, business can be lost if competition has to be kept pace with.

ITIL simply consists of seven books that provide guidance on planning, delivery and management of quality IT services, all catered to business needs. It is now the most widely-recognized approach to service management in the globe. The books cover an introduction to ITIL, service delivery, service support, Information and also Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure management, security management, a business perspective, application management and also software asset management

It takes a comprehensive examine all aspects of IT. For example, security management makes sure there is no leakage of critical service or individual information to outsiders. This aspect would be essential not just to banks as well as financial institutions, but other companies too. After all, losing the trust from the customer due to information being leaked out an be damaging for any provider.

In a competitive era, even the smaller companies find the use of ITIL gives them an extra edge, even give them the confidence to take on bigger entities within the business globe.

Opera 10.62 free web browsers Review

 free web browsers
Opera ten keeps the program’s traditions of striving being the quickest, most basic, as well as most full-featured browser readily available. In this particular most up-to-date version, Opera replaced their JavaScript engine, remade your user interface for Windows 7, and also developed characteristics this have got solidified the company’s position as an innovator.

Opera ten.60 is a small update of Opera 10.50, which often presented multiple new characteristics. The biggest is one most people will not see: Opera’s in-house anti-malware has long been bolstered through AVG’s real-time threat diagnosis networking. The free web browsers utilizes it to make customers to view a warning web page while they try to load sites this the networking determines are in some way malicious. Version 10.60 adds much more HTML5 support, such as the next-generation video as well as sound codec WebM, geolocation being compatible, Web Workers, and Application Cache. A lot more importantly, Opera 10.60 claims benchmark occasions this are 50 % more rapidly than Opera 10.50.

IPage Web Host Reviews

IPage web host reviews
Visit iPage website (

iPage was formerly a web solution company that provide one-stop solution to users who want website creation, web development and also net web hosting services. This company went inactive for a long time and was relaunched October 2009. The iPage is currently leaded by new administration and offers everything required to start out an internet site. That includes net web hosting, website administration, e mail hosting, domain name registration, e-commerce features, website scripting, plus search engine optimization.
My internet hosting experience with iPage:
I was lucky enough to speak to one from the leading managing in ipage and work with to obtain a free of cost account for review use. And so far from everything that I get, almost everything is actually performing excellent at Server is secure and loading very quickly, customer support
and giving an answer to the chat request, and Im very very pleased of the addon functions I am finding. It is worth nothing that ipage company gives a huge list of addon services which can save you some money.
 So what’s good regarding iPage company net web hosting?.......


All About 3d printers

rapid prototyping, also known as 3d printers, can be a procedure of manufacturing where 3d elements are quickly made on a reasonable size of device connected to a pc having blueprints for the item. The fundamental principles are similar to Two dim. printer-materials cartridges, elasticity of output, and also change of code to an evident pattern. 3d printing aficionados expect this home fabbers will guide within the custom industrialized revolution, and significantly lessen the need for centralized industrialization.

Creating Wallpaper Murals Futuristic Abstract

With this Photoshop tutorial i will present how you can use filters to make wallpapers with abstraction throughout futuristic style.

Finalized Image Preview

 wallpaper murals

The first step

Make a new document with size 1920 x 1200 pixels as well as 72 dpi with white background.
Press “D” to setup foreground as well as background colours white and black. Just go to Layer > New Layer and make a new layer named “wallpaper”.
 wallpaper murals

choosing desktop pc cases

Choosing desktop pc cases  is probably the critical decisions making when building a Computer. The following tips  is going to present why this is so and how to carry out it.
1. Space
Selecting desktop pc cases  can rely on the sort of Computer you need to construct as well as a personal rule applies to all sorts. The larger the case, the easier it is to operate with. A large situation will certainly  support cooling down of interior parts.
On the other hand, in case you only have a smaller space or you need to assemble a  discrete  Computer then the smaller situation could be needed.
2. Motherboard Compatibility
Motherboards are available in different sort components and also it is essential for making sure the selected motherboard suits your scenario (or viceversa)!!

Camfrog Video Chat Review and Download

 camfrog video chat
When you are tired of hopping from one chatware computer program to an alternative, trying to find the perfect mixture of online video, sound, and text socializing, CamFrog may be exactly what you’re seeking.
The chat areas characteristic everything from audio lessons to signal language to non-English chatting, and integrating picture, audio, and text components are a great leap forward for speak communities since a Webcam isn’t a requirement. Be aware, though: There’s also a slew of X-rated converse rooms–this is not a computer program that kids need to use without supervision.

google chrome review

google crome
The bottom line: Google Chrome six is just not only steady to utilize, but comes with a full vary of competitive characteristics. It lacks a few of the finer customizations in Firefox, but overall consumers surving with Chrome could discover it an enjoyable, quickly, as well as standards-compliant knowledge.

Evaluation:Now into its second year, Google Chrome has begun to mature from the lightweight and quick exploring option into an innovative internet browser around the precipice of a prospective searching revolution using the pending ChromeOS. The web browser that individuals can use these days, Chrome six, provides very competitive characteristics including synchronization, autofill, and as well as keeps Google’s reputation for building among the list of quickest browsers available.

Five Tips about Computer Cooling Fan

Keeping your pc cool is vital.  getting too hot pc will develop into unreliable and might freeze or crash frequently. Indeed, parts of it may well expire altogether. Even if a computer does not grow to be hot sufficient to the above to happen, the life of internal components may possibly be significantly reduced.
The following tips will guarantee that your Computer remains cool without excessive enthusiast noise.
1. Quality
Most Computers are cooled down by fans. It is for that reason extremely essential that the fans are dependable. To make sure reliability, premium brand units should be purchased. They don’t necessarily price much a lot more than the average generic model and ought to indeed be price successful as they commonly have a longer lifespan.

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So How Exactly Does My Pc Registry Operate?

A frequent question asked by a lot of Laptop customers. The pc registry contains configuration settings for Home windows operating techniques. This is usually a complex and also fragile method. Keeping up-to-date on how the personal computer registry method operates and also what you may do to effectively maintain it is a essential step for all Computer customers.

The computer registry is a storage space for configuration settings for Windows operating methods. The operating technique uses the registry to access vital data for software and also computer hardware adjustments.

If the personal computer registry files become corrupt, go lost or have duplicate items it can result in a entire series of indicators. Also if the pc registry gets filled with too a lot information it could also lead to these signs and symptoms. The signs or symptoms of a corrupt pc registry can differ depending on what exactly is damaged in the computer registry. The most prevalent of these is slowed performance, slower start-up, frequent error messages, freazes and crashing. These troubles can get gradually worse over time.

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Eleven Apache Techs for The Enterprise

The particular Apache Software Foundation, finest recognized for the self-named well-known available supply World-wide-web server, has a range of other technology that may help enterprises with databases, research, development, and additional. Here is an overview on the greatest.

Now far more than ten years old, this Apache Application Basis has develop into a repository of some in the most necessary wide open foundation solutions.

That foundation was produced to formalize the business construction surrounding its flagship Apache HTTP world-wide-web server and to apply that similar philosophy to shepherding other initiatives – now, nearly 150 of them.

Start foundation supplies access to technologies to energy innovation without software licensing costs, particularly beneficial in an economic downturn. But to use open supply successfully, enterprises should realize this tradeoffs, this sort of because the need to have for developers skilled with functioning with available foundation tasks in lieu of polished industrial items.

Justin Lundy, a systems integration and details protection expert currently operating for a significant financial institution, says every single Fortune 500 group he has worked for took benefit of a number of core Apache components: the web server and Apache Tomcat, which often is Apache’s Java web servlet engine. “It’s the Fortune 500 organizations which are actually considering innovating that we can see adopting some from the newer initiatives,” he says, pointing to dispersed computing and records evaluation solutions like Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, and CouchDB.

“I consider we will begin to see much more and a lot more migrations away from pricey industrial information warehousing goods, repository solutions, and a increasing number of enterprises that embrace open foundation frameworks for distributed databases and dispersed info warehousing and analytics,” Lundy says.

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Download Jetaudio Basic 8.0


download jetaudio


During installing, you’ve to be careful in the event you do not wish to set JetAudio Fundamental as being the standard app for audio and also video files. Even so, the freeware app provides you with plenty of reasons to make it your only player.
The user interface includes a today’s layout which seems like an equalizer. You’ll be able to customize each portion of the program, from CD ripping to file format conversion, for your heart’s content material. The program can convert recordsdata among......

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Voice Changer Software for Apple Iphone

 voice changers
Do you wish to change your voice in strange and fantastic approaches? Voice Changer Plus allows you to do just that!
Just select a voice and also create a recording. When you need to try a distinct tone of voice, there’s no need to have to record once again. Just select a brand new voice!
Vocoder consequences such as Guitar, Organ and also Software will change you in to one thing that, nicely, you’re not!
Tip: For greatest results with vocoder consequences like these, speak very obviously, a little slowly, and in just a couple of inches from the mic.
Have entertaining with these voices:

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RealPlayer SP 1.1 (Review plus Download)


Nowadays, a excellent quantity of men and women aren't only finding nearly all their entertainment on-line but are in addition conducting a fair quantity with their public lives there as nicely. In such times, it can be wonderful to possess a fast as well as basic tool for downloading, modifying, spreading, and transferring media. RealPlayer SP for Windows already had most of that down, but the most current version provides the capabilities full circle.

RealPlayer SP has been around since 1995, which is certainly practically the dawn with the Net. It started out as a standard media player, getting preferred embedded application for buffering audio and also movie as web sites commenced to offer that functionality, as well as eventually morphing to the easy-to-use, fully-functioning beast you'll find nowadays.


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blackberry messenger(Review plus download)


blackberry messenger


Chatters of a feather flock with each other. That’s the impetus behind BlackBerry Messenger, RIM’s instant messenger for BlackBerry owners in which skips more than SMS fees and also goes right to your pal’s IM in-box. Edition 5 requires a big leap ahead having a lot of new functions: little thumbnail pictures of your contact so that you don’t neglect who you’re talking to, photo-sharing for data as much as 6MB, and the capability to chat with groups of good friends in addition to people.

The Best blogger templates part (2)

Luxury is a vivid colourful Blog style in a excellent design 2 column template .The style includes a Transparent sidebar to add new elegance to these layout


Multimedia Blog its a fantastic Blogger theme having photos, brushes, and also textures, and three dimensional items at the header will give your blog site a pro look.


Own a Palace blogger web template, 2 columns design dominated with brown colour. Featured with hotel's room like a palace artwork, elegant swirl artwork, Feed subscriber, and search form. Ideal for hotel web site. Download this particular hotel blogger layout for free.


Peacekeeper is actually two column blogger web theme in dark with high quality pictures used in it.


Themescapes Raider is actually 2 column blogger design in red-colored with minima style with some art photo.


Vector art blogger theme, an artistic style of web theme. two columns and also right sidebar layout. Use colourful swirl graphic such as header picture, a paper and coffe cup, paper texture. Highlighted with twitter as well as feed button. Suitable for personal, art weblog.


Wood Press is an easy magazine formed Blogger theme. It provides a clean and simple design using a wood background and looks quite neat. What is your opinion ?


 more ---> Blogger Templates

Adding Amazing Text Effects to your Design

Photoshop tutorial
Discover ways to convert any kind of written text in to a attractive written text layout utilizing layer patterns, gradients, and Photoshop brushes. This tutorial perfect for beginner Photoshop users who wish to learn how to easily add style to any kind of text.
Preview of the Final Product
text effects

Abstract FX Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Step oneEstablish a new Document
Choose File > New (Ctrl N). I’m utilizing a picture of 1440px (width) X 900px (height). You can have a wallpaper of any dimensions. The background color needs to be black.......

All About Cisco CCIE

You cannot obtain a much more prestigious and extremely esteemed certification within the international IT networking sector than the ‘cisco’ CCIE. Whenever you come to be ‘cisco’ CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, you’re recognized as a professional networking engineer with progressed level knowledge of the field, while at the same moment specializing in various Cisco networking solutions and products, and possessing the necessary ability to work with them. Like many other Cisco certifications, it includes worldwide acceptance, so.......

The Best seven blogger templates

The Best seven blogger templates
to make your own blog cool , the blogger templates are uploaded to six servers to make the download process easy (download from your preferable server)

Green City is a Family  blogger templates having a grunge big header and also has simple structure for your own Blogger blog website.

Belonna it's a free of charge professional  blogger templates with an unique attractive look, excellent template for all kinds of Blogger weblogs from personal to business.


Anime Shows a beautiful  blogger templates for the cartoonist and animationist, who like you share their works on the web. An awesome template for a perfect animation showcase.


Auto Review an attractive  blogger templates aimed for auto blogs. Design looks perfect elegant to blog about automobile reviews.

Acqua is an "education"  blogger templates with simple nice colors, and also have three columns within the theme footer. Useful for business associated blogs

JungleBook is surely an nature  blogger templates having an creative green header as well as awesome dark brown background. Definitely this can be a free of charge premium template for Blogger

Games Review is a professional made blogspot theme, with a wonderful header picture and fashionable weblog content material. Its suitable for business games blogs.


wait for the next stylish web template for Blogger .....

IT Jobs and skills needed

IT jobs require experts who have skills in several of fields and dimensions. IT jobs are essentially dived in to three sections which consist of computer environment, employment type, and experience level. Experience in mainframe, mid-range, or desktop systems is portion of employment definition. The career type separates development including applications and tech and support staff. IT Experts are juniors, mid levels, and elderly people. Computer careers can be labelled as development or support – next development jobs should be characterized as applications or technical. IT professionals doing work could possess similar skills and may as well recognize the use of each. The same skills are also used by junior, mid-level, as well as senior experts who include job functions for the various experience levels. In addition, they might involve professional teaching certifications and job titles.

it project management story

it project management story

I got employment working in a tiny technology organizations IT section. My friend step father possessed and controlled the organization. I had just simply been release from my previous job and I specialized in the regions of computing devices and computer software. My previous job didn’t really utilize my skills in these spots, so i was looking to work somewhere that I could expand these talents and bringin more cash.

The positioning I was employed for was IT consultant. Basically I would be helping my mate who was the IT department, in handling day to day tasks with workstations and servers. This was.........

IT Careers and Computer Science

computer science, computer studies, Information Technology, IT Careers, it collegeFor a professionals looking to ascertain themselves in the IT industry; IT Careers have a vast selection to offer. Computer science takes up a vast section of information technology and for the IT professionals; this is somewhere they can begin a source for their career. Computer science comprises mostly of encoding languages, but it can help IT professionals to experimentation with various systems and applications and help them to enrich on their talent for math, understandable and analytical skill which can enable the IT professionals to point out various fields associated with IT Careers.

Photoshop - Explosion Effect applying to text

Explosion Effect
- Open a new design with the dimensions that you want and also write The Text that you want
Explosion Effect
-use lasso tool to make the text scatter and spread
-start to move the shape that you select on the text
Explosion Effect
-repeat that action on the whole text and try to make the scatter as real and also doesn't affect on clarity of the text in terms of reading

Photoshop – Professional Converting your Modern design to old one

In this lesson we will learn how to Convert  Modern design to old one
-first download the next photo “By right mouse click choose save image as
modern design
- follow the next steps

Photoshop – How To Make a Professional Button

-first: we must now how to make a shape with curved sides , it is easy with photoshop.
draw a circle Then repeat the circuit and draw a rectangle in the middle area as in the next photo:
Information Technology
-after drawing this shape Integrate the layers with each other without the layer that content the background.
Information Technology
-select the shape by pressing the button “ctrl” on your keyboard and pressing on the layer that content the shape.
Information Technology
-After that make a new layer and Delete the last layer that content the shape , and don’t ever Deselect the selected area(was selected in the previous step).
Information Technology
-now select to colors that suitable to the gradient of the new layer
Information Technology
-do the gradient on the selected area
Information Technology
- now we will contract the selected area a little bit by Select>Modify>Contract .
Information Technology
-enter the value “2” or that you see is suitable for your work
Information Technology
-you will see that the selected area is contracted a little bit , now make a new layer ,and don’t forget to not deselect the area
Information Technology
-then select the gradient tool with white color
Information Technology
-make a little gradient to the shape , that will be like that
Information Technology
-then go to filter menu
Information Technology
-enter the value “2” or “3” to make a little spread of the white color
Information Technology
- the output shape will be like that , all you have to do is to write what you want on it

Information Technology


Photoshop learning - How to make a background like squares patterned

In this simple lesson we will learn how to make the background like squares and patterned

- Open Photoshop Program and make new ,with any dimensions and with any resolution .... press the button "D" to bring the colors in black and white case .....  then make a clouds filter

-Then apply the wave filter

-set the values as followed

-then apply the "Differenca clouds" filter as followed

-so the design will be like that: