Dirty Cars Drawing Art

One of the most bizarre arts I have ever seen is the dirty cars drawing art
I never imagined that the dirty cars could create very brilliant and majestic art like this but it seems that the creative minds have more and more to impress us with so I will leave you with pictures and as we know a picture worth a thousand word
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Top Ten Strangest Places on Earth (various pictures)

We often feel with astonishment when we see the photos exhibited by NASA for other planets as MARS, VENUS and MERCURY but actually we do not have to travel to these planets to see such scenes because there are more strange scenes on earth


Do not think that photos are of another planet or for an ancient geological age but it’s a recent shots for SOCOTRA ISLAND , it is located 350 KM southern the Arabian peninsula in the Indian ocean the scientists think that it was separated from INDIA six or seven years ago
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First Designed Calculator (Curta)

construction calculator- mechanical calculator
In our daily life we might face some situations that force us to make some mathematical calculations so we resort to a calculator whether of the cell phones or the computer for doing so .have you ever imagined how they were doing this before inventing the calculator
Can you imagine the problems that could face those who work in the field of
mathematical equations and the sum of the obstacles that was facing them without calculators and how scientists like ISSAN NEOTEN ,JOHANS KELLER and LORD KLEN could help the humanity with their inventions
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Top 50 Strangest Ads Around The World

in our daily life we see advertisements everywhere: in street …at work…..means of transportations …internet , the impression that left by the advertisment in our minds changes our buying desire so it’s idea must have innovation and mastering.… and sometimes it turned to madness as we will see in this group.
-  Environmental ads: in this ad the wwf environmental organization tries to warn about the danger of deforestation
Advertisement Ideas - advertising techniques

- Toothpaste that make you able to bit everything until the ad panel
Builds strong teeth
Advertisement Ideas
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The Age of Tablet Computers Has Begun

With every sun rising we are surprised with a new technological invention such as the tablet computers which are expected to replace the laptops in the near future
tablet computers comparison
ASUS TRANSFORMU a tablet computer and net book at the same time that you can use it as a wireless keyboard by separating the screen from the keyboard
The new age begun with launching the first tablet device IPAD by APPLE corporation, the IPAD gone beyond any expectation and worked better than some computers also the quality of its screen is very high
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