Mozilla Firefox 3.6.7 to the latest publications on more than one server

 Mozilla Firefox 3.6.7

Firefox is simple and more wonderful and well known ...
A strong competitor for Internet Explorer ...
Is characterized by rapidly Browse
It also contains features such as the organization of pages in the form of Tubbs at the top of the page and also support the feature of instant news RSS feeds and may be present also add the Plugins who gives you a whole world of add-ons such as weather and management software download attached.............
It is compatible with all versions of windows


Adobe Reader 9.3.3 size of 33 MB and more than one server(Exclusive)

Adobe Reader software e-books, which form the last issue PDF program have a big difference of the previous format it is newer , nicer , beautiful and have a nice additions to it

Adobe Reader is free software that allows everyone from business professionals to home users to easily and reliably view, print,view, and search PDF files it is easy and fast to use

 Licence: Freeware

how to setup:
setup the file named : AdbeRdr930_en_US.exe
to update us this file: AdbeRdrUpd933_all_incr.msp

Size: 33 MB 

Giant playing music jetAudio 8.0.7 basic size of 30 MB download directly and more than one server


Jet Audio Basic 8.0.7

Program JetAudio giant video and audio playback program months of fame and is well known converts from your RaisingSmallSouls giant to listen to audio-visual program is better than the RealOne Player where he can run the program files Real Player, Windows Media Player and programs sound and image other
Make your computer a real studio to control the volume and speed.Features** Control the speed of sound and video movements (fast or slow)** Change the pattern of sound to the strange noises of different frequencies** Back to the cylinder** Convert audio-systems** Different styles such as ZAJJ and FLAT and a lot of patterns and many others.The program is free is worth the download.It also supports many of the most important formulas WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM

Size: 32.7 MB

Release Date : 9/7/2010

License : Freeware