Can RAM Speed Up My Computer? (the answer)

Many people are looking for ways to speed up your PC. And adding RAM seems to be a viable option. To answer the question: yes, the RAM may speed up your computer. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Everything you do with the RAM team.

The amount of RAM used depends on what type of program is running. That's how it works. All Windows operating systems like Microsoft use a component called virtual memory manager VMM. Run a program like a web browser or an instant messenger, will lead to a microprocessor in your computer to load an executable file in your RAM. For larger programs, so they usually deal with 5 megabytes of RAM. Also, the microprocessor uses shared DLLs, or dynamic link libraries that can go from 20 to 30 megabytes of RAM.

Most users of the programs open simultaneously. For example, do the research, could have a word processor performance while several Internet browsers for research. Sometimes the music player also. This is in addition to the RAM used. If you use more memory than what is currently installed on your unit, then surely experience a slow PC.

In this case all you have to do is increase your RAM. To learn exactly how much RAM you need to add to your hardware, you must first find the amount of RAM you have. If you do not know your state of RAM, right click on My Computer and choose Properties. Select the General tab and information, including RAM, is shown. Then press and hold control alt delete to go to Task Manager. In the Processes tab, you will see the amount of RAM used for a particular program. Add this up and you have the number of RAM it uses. Calculating the deficit of installed RAM. This, more or less, will give you an idea of the amount of RAM you need.

Adding RAM is a cheap alternative to the speed of your computer as opposed to buying a new unit faster. And while you're at it, perhaps you might consider purchasing an external hard drive. This is useful for storing and transferring important files that are not normally use. Keep regularly used files on the hard disk only leave more space than the PC experience results faster.

Aside from adding RAM, other ways to speed up your computer is to free some space on the hard disk continuously. Uninstall and remove unused programs, because they eat the space can be used for anything else. Clear the cache of temporary Internet files and offline content from time to time.

If you do not have the budget for the improvement of their hardware such as RAM, you can use certain techniques to maximize their skills current RAM. Make sure you only open programs you need. Avoid opening unnecessary programs or software. This will lead to less use of RAM memory, giving a faster PC speed and fewer headaches and frustration that can bring slow PC.

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