KVM Switch - Cost Efficient Solution For Managing Networks

Administration of many computers and associated peripherals is a nuisance, especially in the case of a large network with several computers must be managed on a daily basis and also by one or two people. This situation can be alleviated through a KVM switch that allows control of two or more computers with a single set of peripheral devices. Provide adequate space utilization and better cable management, these switches are also popular, since support for multiple platforms. Among the different operating systems supported by these devices, the most common are Sun, IBM, HP, Dell, Vista/2003/XP/2000 Windows, UNIX and MAC. These switches can be controlled using the button on the front of the unit or using the keyboard. Later versions of these switches can also be controlled by infrared remote control or RS232.

Available in a wide range and variety, these switches are distinguished by their functionality. A final model is the IP KVM switch, allows remote access with SSL v2/v3 IP secure transmission. Ideal for any environment involving several teams where remote access is required, these switches are becoming increasingly popular since it eliminates the distance limitation imposed by other models. The introduction of this device has enabled a person to control computers to your network, even when not physically present there. Enables secure remote access using a 128-bit secure browser. Operating on the TCP / IP, these devices are available in sizes 8 and 16 ports. The rack-mount versions are in cascade and can control up to 128 servers.

Another version, the KVM switch DVI (DVI stands for Digital Video Interface). This hardware device allows the user to control multiple computers based on DVI with a single keyboard, DVI video monitor and mouse. Support Dual DVI monitor / flat screen high resolution up to 1920 x 1440, this work turns simple plug and play functionality. Built in a rugged metal enclosure, these switches are available in both PS2 and USB versions. A popular choice among users, the main characteristic of this device is the Auto Scan Mode for monitoring all computers.

Conference rooms, financial institutions, airports, server rooms, remote desktop applications, hotels, military and security companies, government and business are examples of places where the KVM switch is used because of its flexibility and range of control .

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