Give Your Laptop Battery a Longer Lease on Life

Does your laptop spend more time on your desk than your lap? If so, you're probably causing your battery to wear out much sooner than it needs to.

See, it's a sad (and expensive) fact of life: You're lucky to get 18-24 months from a battery before it loses a good chunk of its charge capacity (meaning it no longer powers your laptop for as long as it used to).

And you're accelerating this unfortunate timeframe if you leave your laptop plugged in 24/7, which is common for most folks who work at a desk. Because the battery rarely (if ever) gets a chance to discharge, it loses its capacity to hold a charge.

The simple solution: Pull the battery out of the laptop and leave it out when you're deskbound. Most laptops can run on straight AC power, so there's no need for the battery. And it's easy enough to pop back in when you hit the road (though obviously you'll want to make sure it's charged, so plan ahead a bit).

It's a hassle, sure, but consider the price of a replacement battery: usually $100 or more. What's more, old, discarded batteries wreak havoc on landfills. Sooner or later, they'll leak acid into the ground. So it's in your best interests to keep your battery as long as possible, and to keep it from dying a premature death.


Local SMTP Server Pro is a SMTP server program that lets you send email messages without help of your ISP, directly from your local PC to recipient mailboxes. You can use your favorite email client along with this software the way you used to do it before. It is one of the best solutions for mobile PC users who travel a lot and have to switch between different ISPs on the run. Increase your privacy by using this server instead of your ISP's SMTP account. This way you will bypass your ISP's mail server. To start using this server with your favorite email program, just use the word "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host in the SMTP settings. This server has a built-in firewall that lets you protect it from the outside of the Internet.

Many users have the common belief that the SMTP server must be named, but this is not the case. An SMTP server can be named anything! However, is the most common name, with being the next most common.

You can find the SMTP server by contacting your Web Presence Provider and asking them for SMTP server information for the Web Server.
In DOS mode (using the DOS Prompt icon in Windows) you can type:

to see if you get a response from one of the commands.

In DOS mode (on NT and Windows 2000 Server) use nslookup (for advanced users) and set the parameter "q=mx" to query the MX record for your domain name:
>set q=mx

Disclaimer: Local SMTP Server Pro IS NOT A TOOL FOR SPAMMING and ITS NAME MEANS NOTHING.It does not support spammers and strictly forbid anyone to use Local SMTP Server Pro for sending unsolicited spam email. If they find out that you use the program for this purpose, your license will be revoked and all technical support will be ceased. By downloading or purchasing the program, you agree to use it legally.

Repair Windows PC Errors Automatically

What happens when Windows gets so badly damaged that you need to repair it?

It depends on what the problems are. Usually, the Registry gets corrupted or damaged and Windows stops functioning normally. Programs won’t run, parts of Windows will close with errors for no reason, etc. Sometimes Windows itself gets damaged and won’t run at all.

In the first scenario, you have 2 options open to you.
The first is to use the repair option on your Windows disk, but that requires a bit of computer know-how. The second is to use a Registry cleaner, like RegCure. The majority of the time, this will fix the corrupted or damaged portions of the Registry and allow Windows to function properly again.

If Windows won't run at all, your only option is to boot from the Windows disk and run the repair option. However, having a clean-up/maintenance utility, like RegCure, is a great preventative measure so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Registry problems are often the largest cause of Windows Errors

The symptoms of these problems can be:

System crashing
Computer freezing
Slow performance
Poor efficiency
Windows errors
Hardware malfunctions
If you have experienced any of these symptoms you could easily be experiencing a corrupted Windows Registry

The Do-it-yourself method of repairing windows is to run a system restore. It works very well in restoring your computer to the previous date when your prior settings worked. Note: This feature is only available on Windows XP operating system. To fix a problem on other windows operating systems, you may want to try booting your computer into safe mode and choosing the option that says ‘Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)’. If the two above methods do not work, we suggest the free RegCure scanner. If you have a major issue with your computer, and have nothing important that you want to keep on it, you can reformat the entire hard drive. You can either do this through Dos, or windows. If you would like to reformat through windows, you need to boot up the windows XP CD and follow the listed steps. However, if you are going to reformat through Dos, we highly recommend getting someone that has lots of knowledge with Dos mode. The commands for Dos can get quite complicated.

What is the Windows Registry?

If you use a Windows operating system (90% of computer users do according to a recent Gartner Group Survey), you also have a database called a Registry which stores all windows options and settings. If you change anything in your control panel, install/uninstall anything or even change a file extension, those changes are stored in your Registry. Over time, frequent installation and uninstallation of software and hardware can cause a bundle of spaces and empty keys in the windows Registry. Programs that do not correctly install and uninstall can produce even more problems. As well, any unused or corrupted drivers installed by a user or even the manufacturer can also result in registry errors.

What is the worst that can happen?

Besides the frustrating problems already mentioned most computer users do not realize that only a single malfunction of the Registry can bring a Windows operating system to its knees and render it completely unbootable. In the worst cases an entire Windows reinstall will be mandatory to have your computer operational again.

How to repair windows by fixing registry problems

To fix protect the most critical Windows configuration data on your computer you need to constantly update and clean your Windows Registry. You can do this yourself by accessing the registry by going to your start menu and selecting run. Type “regedit” into the prompt and you will be granted access to your Registry.

Unless you have a strong understanding of registry management DO NOT ATTEMPT to clean your Registry in this manner. You only need to remove one Registry file to render your computer completely inoperable.

To safely and effectively clean your registry I recommend using a Registry cleaning product. A good Registry cleaning software will thoroughly remove the corrupted files and errors in your Registry without risking the deletion of the important files that you need. After using various products I am now able to provide you the safest and most effective Registry cleaning software.

Clean and Optimize Registry, Repair Windows

It is important to regularly scan and clean the Windows Registry. Regular maintenance with a fully-automated regscan utility may prevent thousands of potentially harmful pc errors including: window installer errors, activex program errors, corrupt fonts, empty file associations and references. Also a utility like RegCure can often resolve the following errors: system32, windows dll, not responding, runtime, MSOE Dll. Dr Watson, Winsock, Windows 2000 and XP start-up and many many more. The handy RegCure free scanner tool will access your Windows Registry for free, and then show you exactly how to automatically repair and optimize your computer.

Does your PC need a tune up?
Protect your investment with REGCURE, the most advanced Windows registry cleaner on the market.
Taking preventative measures to Ensure The Health And Longevity Of Your Computer pays off with enhanced performance and optimum processing speed, leaving you more time to enjoy your computer.

RegCure Testimonials

Paul Taylor with The Financial Times wrote "... I prefer RegCure because it has additional features including the ability to manage the programs that launch when Windows fires up."

My computer kept crashing with illegal operation errors. At first I thought it was a virus, but my antivirus wasn't able to find anything wrong. I ran your software and found over 300 errors!!! After it corrected them, my computer was no longer crashing! Thank you for saving me a lot of time and headache! Y ou fixed my PC when nothing else did!
Katrina B. Boston, MA

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