New Technologies and the Growing Importance of Time Synchronisation

The NTP (Network Time Protocol) has since the early days of the Internet was responsible for the synchronization of time through computer networks. Not only is effective in this NTP, but when connected to a source of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) NTP is also very accurate.

Most computer networks connected to UTC via a dedicated NTP time server. These devices use an external connection to an atomic clock to receive time and then distribute it through a network. By connecting externally, through GPS (Global Positioning System) or long wave radio, are not only incredibly accurate NTP servers are also very safe since it does not depend on an Internet connection at the time.

NTP Servers are also increasingly used for other innovations. Not only with traditional technologies such as CCTV, traffic signals, air traffic control and the stock market, they become dependent on time synchronization with time servers, but a growing number of modern technologies are too.

NTP time servers are now commonplace in modern digital signage systems (the use of flat screen televisions for advertising the home). These displays of the network are synchronized to allow scheduled and organized campaigns.

A digital signal synchronized campaign is a method to make a stand on the advertising of the season at home outside. This is increasingly important as more and more digital signature is carried out by a campaign of conventional digital signal difficult to recruit and attract attention.

By synchronizing multiple displays, together with an NTP server and run a program and date of the campaign. This allows content to be scheduled or planned to maximize impact.

Minor Servers can be installed directly in the digital signage LCD enclosure although like most of these devices require time synchronization or GPS longwave antenna signal can be problematic. A better solution is a digital signaling network and the use of a single NTP server as a method for synchronization.

NTP may be the oldest Internet protocol and NTP time servers have been around for almost two decades, but this relatively old technology and software has never been much in demand.

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