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blackberry messenger


Chatters of a feather flock with each other. That’s the impetus behind BlackBerry Messenger, RIM’s instant messenger for BlackBerry owners in which skips more than SMS fees and also goes right to your pal’s IM in-box. Edition 5 requires a big leap ahead having a lot of new functions: little thumbnail pictures of your contact so that you don’t neglect who you’re talking to, photo-sharing for data as much as 6MB, and the capability to chat with groups of good friends in addition to people.

The Best blogger templates part (2)

Luxury is a vivid colourful Blog style in a excellent design 2 column template .The style includes a Transparent sidebar to add new elegance to these layout


Multimedia Blog its a fantastic Blogger theme having photos, brushes, and also textures, and three dimensional items at the header will give your blog site a pro look.


Own a Palace blogger web template, 2 columns design dominated with brown colour. Featured with hotel's room like a palace artwork, elegant swirl artwork, Feed subscriber, and search form. Ideal for hotel web site. Download this particular hotel blogger layout for free.


Peacekeeper is actually two column blogger web theme in dark with high quality pictures used in it.


Themescapes Raider is actually 2 column blogger design in red-colored with minima style with some art photo.


Vector art blogger theme, an artistic style of web theme. two columns and also right sidebar layout. Use colourful swirl graphic such as header picture, a paper and coffe cup, paper texture. Highlighted with twitter as well as feed button. Suitable for personal, art weblog.


Wood Press is an easy magazine formed Blogger theme. It provides a clean and simple design using a wood background and looks quite neat. What is your opinion ?


 more ---> Blogger Templates

Adding Amazing Text Effects to your Design

Photoshop tutorial
Discover ways to convert any kind of written text in to a attractive written text layout utilizing layer patterns, gradients, and Photoshop brushes. This tutorial perfect for beginner Photoshop users who wish to learn how to easily add style to any kind of text.
Preview of the Final Product
text effects

Abstract FX Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Step oneEstablish a new Document
Choose File > New (Ctrl N). I’m utilizing a picture of 1440px (width) X 900px (height). You can have a wallpaper of any dimensions. The background color needs to be black.......

All About Cisco CCIE

You cannot obtain a much more prestigious and extremely esteemed certification within the international IT networking sector than the ‘cisco’ CCIE. Whenever you come to be ‘cisco’ CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, you’re recognized as a professional networking engineer with progressed level knowledge of the field, while at the same moment specializing in various Cisco networking solutions and products, and possessing the necessary ability to work with them. Like many other Cisco certifications, it includes worldwide acceptance, so.......

The Best seven blogger templates

The Best seven blogger templates
to make your own blog cool , the blogger templates are uploaded to six servers to make the download process easy (download from your preferable server)

Green City is a Family  blogger templates having a grunge big header and also has simple structure for your own Blogger blog website.

Belonna it's a free of charge professional  blogger templates with an unique attractive look, excellent template for all kinds of Blogger weblogs from personal to business.


Anime Shows a beautiful  blogger templates for the cartoonist and animationist, who like you share their works on the web. An awesome template for a perfect animation showcase.


Auto Review an attractive  blogger templates aimed for auto blogs. Design looks perfect elegant to blog about automobile reviews.

Acqua is an "education"  blogger templates with simple nice colors, and also have three columns within the theme footer. Useful for business associated blogs

JungleBook is surely an nature  blogger templates having an creative green header as well as awesome dark brown background. Definitely this can be a free of charge premium template for Blogger

Games Review is a professional made blogspot theme, with a wonderful header picture and fashionable weblog content material. Its suitable for business games blogs.


wait for the next stylish web template for Blogger .....

IT Jobs and skills needed

IT jobs require experts who have skills in several of fields and dimensions. IT jobs are essentially dived in to three sections which consist of computer environment, employment type, and experience level. Experience in mainframe, mid-range, or desktop systems is portion of employment definition. The career type separates development including applications and tech and support staff. IT Experts are juniors, mid levels, and elderly people. Computer careers can be labelled as development or support – next development jobs should be characterized as applications or technical. IT professionals doing work could possess similar skills and may as well recognize the use of each. The same skills are also used by junior, mid-level, as well as senior experts who include job functions for the various experience levels. In addition, they might involve professional teaching certifications and job titles.

it project management story

it project management story

I got employment working in a tiny technology organizations IT section. My friend step father possessed and controlled the organization. I had just simply been release from my previous job and I specialized in the regions of computing devices and computer software. My previous job didn’t really utilize my skills in these spots, so i was looking to work somewhere that I could expand these talents and bringin more cash.

The positioning I was employed for was IT consultant. Basically I would be helping my mate who was the IT department, in handling day to day tasks with workstations and servers. This was.........

IT Careers and Computer Science

computer science, computer studies, Information Technology, IT Careers, it collegeFor a professionals looking to ascertain themselves in the IT industry; IT Careers have a vast selection to offer. Computer science takes up a vast section of information technology and for the IT professionals; this is somewhere they can begin a source for their career. Computer science comprises mostly of encoding languages, but it can help IT professionals to experimentation with various systems and applications and help them to enrich on their talent for math, understandable and analytical skill which can enable the IT professionals to point out various fields associated with IT Careers.

Photoshop - Explosion Effect applying to text

Explosion Effect
- Open a new design with the dimensions that you want and also write The Text that you want
Explosion Effect
-use lasso tool to make the text scatter and spread
-start to move the shape that you select on the text
Explosion Effect
-repeat that action on the whole text and try to make the scatter as real and also doesn't affect on clarity of the text in terms of reading

Photoshop – Professional Converting your Modern design to old one

In this lesson we will learn how to Convert  Modern design to old one
-first download the next photo “By right mouse click choose save image as
modern design
- follow the next steps

Photoshop – How To Make a Professional Button

-first: we must now how to make a shape with curved sides , it is easy with photoshop.
draw a circle Then repeat the circuit and draw a rectangle in the middle area as in the next photo:
Information Technology
-after drawing this shape Integrate the layers with each other without the layer that content the background.
Information Technology
-select the shape by pressing the button “ctrl” on your keyboard and pressing on the layer that content the shape.
Information Technology
-After that make a new layer and Delete the last layer that content the shape , and don’t ever Deselect the selected area(was selected in the previous step).
Information Technology
-now select to colors that suitable to the gradient of the new layer
Information Technology
-do the gradient on the selected area
Information Technology
- now we will contract the selected area a little bit by Select>Modify>Contract .
Information Technology
-enter the value “2” or that you see is suitable for your work
Information Technology
-you will see that the selected area is contracted a little bit , now make a new layer ,and don’t forget to not deselect the area
Information Technology
-then select the gradient tool with white color
Information Technology
-make a little gradient to the shape , that will be like that
Information Technology
-then go to filter menu
Information Technology
-enter the value “2” or “3” to make a little spread of the white color
Information Technology
- the output shape will be like that , all you have to do is to write what you want on it

Information Technology


Photoshop learning - How to make a background like squares patterned

In this simple lesson we will learn how to make the background like squares and patterned

- Open Photoshop Program and make new ,with any dimensions and with any resolution .... press the button "D" to bring the colors in black and white case .....  then make a clouds filter

-Then apply the wave filter

-set the values as followed

-then apply the "Differenca clouds" filter as followed

-so the design will be like that:

Photoshop Effects- how to make a Blazing fire

- Open Photoshop Program and make new , you can make the dimension as you (in this example we will use 200-300 dim. with black background )

-choose  the Rectangular Marquee tool then select a square in the bottom of the design :

Rectangular Marquee tool   


select Gradient tool Then press "D" Button ....... set a gradient from up to down ..... then Cancel the selection.


- Select Smudge Tool .... and with the help of smooth brush 

start to merge white and black colors as in the example

to get better action use a small size brush in the ends

Then paint the Design in red color .... By choosing Image--->Adjust---->Hue/Saturation


- do what you see is suitable for your design .... and don't forget to select Colorize
- make a new layer ....... then colorize this layer with yellow color ...... then change the layer type to Multiply 


the  finish view will be near to this design 


Thank You