Local SMTP Server Pro is a SMTP server program that lets you send email messages without help of your ISP, directly from your local PC to recipient mailboxes. You can use your favorite email client along with this software the way you used to do it before. It is one of the best solutions for mobile PC users who travel a lot and have to switch between different ISPs on the run. Increase your privacy by using this server instead of your ISP's SMTP account. This way you will bypass your ISP's mail server. To start using this server with your favorite email program, just use the word "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host in the SMTP settings. This server has a built-in firewall that lets you protect it from the outside of the Internet.

Many users have the common belief that the SMTP server must be named smtp.site.com, but this is not the case. An SMTP server can be named anything! However, smtp.site.com is the most common name, with mail.site.com being the next most common.

You can find the SMTP server by contacting your Web Presence Provider and asking them for SMTP server information for the Web Server.
In DOS mode (using the DOS Prompt icon in Windows) you can type:
ping smtp.mysite.com
ping mail.mysite.com

to see if you get a response from one of the commands.

In DOS mode (on NT and Windows 2000 Server) use nslookup (for advanced users) and set the parameter "q=mx" to query the MX record for your domain name:
>set q=mx

Disclaimer: Local SMTP Server Pro IS NOT A TOOL FOR SPAMMING and ITS NAME MEANS NOTHING.It does not support spammers and strictly forbid anyone to use Local SMTP Server Pro for sending unsolicited spam email. If they find out that you use the program for this purpose, your license will be revoked and all technical support will be ceased. By downloading or purchasing the program, you agree to use it legally.

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