Sony Vaio Battery Review - Li-Ion BPS9

If you are a user of Sony VAIO there's really no question about his preference for quality. Now it is time to have security on Sony VAIO accessories such as Sony VAIO BPS9 battery that comes with the most competitive price in the market. In addition, each battery Sony VAIO BPS9 has a warranty period of 1 year.

You get the same performance as spending up to 70% less than the actual market price charged by Sony. That is really an offer that requires no negotiation at all. For example, instead of paying $ 89.99, you pay only $ 66.99. That's a big $ 23 savings without compromising quality pure BPS9 Sony battery. The Li-Ion battery BPS9 Silver Sony offers some high-strength specifications. VGN-NR Series batteries have the power capacity of 5200 mAh. These cells 6 premium quality, batteries have a runtime 11.1v 2-3 hours. However, the backup time mostly depends on how you use your Sony Vaio laptop.

Another important factor is sometimes considered as the most important of all the features of the laptop battery - warranty. Fortunately, all BPS9 Sony laptop batteries come with a warranty of 1 full year. However, some laptop battery vendors offer no guarantee. Still others do not comply with your warranty. This type of harassment is unlikely that a Sony battery BPS9.

How to Make Li-Ion Sony BPS9 Battery Last Longer:

* Before using the battery for the first time, charge the battery at full capacity. Next, the exhaust fully charged until the laptop hibernates or shuts down automatically. Repeat this process of exhausting burden, two or three more times.
* You must be completely exhaust the battery once a month. First, disconnect the laptop from the AC adapter. Completely drain the battery until the laptop automatically shuts down or goes into hibernation. Then connect the AC adapter on your laptop. Repeating this process once per month will help you get the battery of your cycle.
* The AC adapter must be connected to work with DVD, video or graphics editing and other tasks that use energy.
* Maximum does not always mean best. Therefore, it is better to adjust the brightness of the screen that best suits your eyes. Moreover, the configuration of screen savers and sleep mode to save battery probably.

Affordability and durability are the two most important factors of laptop battery performance. It is unnecessary to search for any other option when there is a sure 70% saving with a great 12 month warranty.

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