Photoshop Effects- how to make a Blazing fire

- Open Photoshop Program and make new , you can make the dimension as you (in this example we will use 200-300 dim. with black background )

-choose  the Rectangular Marquee tool then select a square in the bottom of the design :

Rectangular Marquee tool   


select Gradient tool Then press "D" Button ....... set a gradient from up to down ..... then Cancel the selection.


- Select Smudge Tool .... and with the help of smooth brush 

start to merge white and black colors as in the example

to get better action use a small size brush in the ends

Then paint the Design in red color .... By choosing Image--->Adjust---->Hue/Saturation


- do what you see is suitable for your design .... and don't forget to select Colorize
- make a new layer ....... then colorize this layer with yellow color ...... then change the layer type to Multiply 


the  finish view will be near to this design 


Thank You

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