Desktop Sticky Notes For your own xp Windows

Desktop Sticky Notes
While people used to – and often still do – cover your desk with sticky notes, now you can put virtual sticky notes on your desktop too. Efficient Sticky Notes is a simple method to send reminders to yourself when you’re sure to see them.Sticky Note effective user interface is attractive and intuitive, recalling bits of Microsoft Outlook. Preview notes are displayed in a top panel, while a lower panel shows the full body of the selected note. Users can certainly choose whether or not to take into account all displayed around the desk, making the application for assistance to take notes that do not necessarily need right away. We liked that the software allows users to change the background color and opacity of sticky notes, and is also very useful where users can attach files to notes. We hope that the program had a much better way to handle long notes, however. Sticky notes full text of the note, which can be very difficult to handle if a sentient being is much more than a few sentences long. One option for reducing knowledge to leave after a certain number of characters or words would be very welcome, users could then, as they can easily now, click the note to view all content. Effective Sticky Notes includes a Help database that is well written and complete. In general, this application does not play head to toe, but is not a bad choice for users seeking an easy way to make sticky track. Sticky Note actually install and uninstall without problems. We recommend this software program for everyone.

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