maxmem 1.04 memory optimizer pc software

AnalogX MaxMem is a simple computer program that maximizes the amount of physical memory in the system at any given time. You can pinpoint the amount of memory you want readily available in certain circumstances and passive MaxMem could monitor system resources, freeing the memory when necessary.

While running, MaxMem live in the system tray, click the icon calls up a menu with options to configure and run the software. We click on Settings dialog box appeared Settings. It has sliders for three memory functions MaxMem release, each of which accurately describes their behavior, too: At least, newspapers, and aggressive. Minimum is the smallest amount of memory the system requires a periodic review every 3 minutes, while memory is idle, and everything is clean, aggressive use every half hour. This dialog also has a menu to choose which of the three options of cleaning active while left clicking the icon in the system tray. Aggressive chose to measure the maximum effect, establish the limits of our memory, and then click OK. We looked in the system tray and MaxMem showing how to use our memory system for the last 60 seconds in the bar graph legible surprisingly small but serves as an icon by placing the cursor on this icon will also ask for a small box showing the memory resources and the percentage free. We clicked the icon and a message indicates MaxMem was working. sample program that shows aggressive cleaning memory had been recovered, but enough to be free from our test system of 6 GB of RAM to make a substantial difference in performance is hard to say.

If the system is new or has a lot of RAM, you might think you do not need MaxMem, but you can improve performance in games, video production, and other memory-intensive operations. On older systems or those with less memory, may help reduce the gap between frustration and efficiency. MaxMem is free, too, so it is cheaper than the cheapest RAM upgrade.

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