the best way to protect yourself from hackerZz

Hack ...
Problem faced by many of us ...
We do not know Is Our penetrates or not ...
Who infiltrated and how and goal of ..
And how to protect the devices from the hack ..

These and other questions we will address the response in this topic

Thieves computer or (Hackers) are persons unauthorized to enter the hardware and operating systems penetrate the illegal purpose of espionage or sabotage or theft, so when they can penetrate our systems, spin, or theft of our pictures of our personal or account numbers ... Etc. They are divided into expert (professional) and they often hold advanced degrees in the computer field and have a deep knowledge of systems and drivers, and therefore they know who else and weaknesses, including the routes used in the intrusion and class the other they are novices (amateurs) are dangerous as they often do not have sufficient knowledge of the systems driver can not control the results of their operations * that it should be noted the existence of a class of Hackers exploit the ability and intelligence in the work of a noble and honest.

Can hacker to penetrate our devices through open ports by the (open ports) and to enable them access to our systems and control, or by number to the (IP) our own and by certain programs and tools manufactures plugin for breach (virus * patch * Trojan .... ) or via the (DOS) "black screen" and lots of different ways that most of them are professional hackers through the gaps in regulations.

How to hit our devices?
First: the hacker and through chat programs (chat) to send an image or file injected (stitches) or Trojan patch future can not be detected only through some of the programs and control of which are open ports.
II: Access patch or trojan through attachment in the e-mail (Email) from an unknown person and the victim opened it to see the content of the message.
III: Download the software from suspicious sites (sites nationality or proxies sites or sites .
Fourth: visit suspicious sites that the owners to download patches through cookies.

How do you know that he had been to penetrate your computer?
May be a better description of the device is penetrating the term "two non-natural" ..
There are signs appear on the device View the hacker, including automatically opening and closing the screen and a new files or delete files existed Sites Open Internet Explorer browser or stops working the machine slow last haddam and many signs of alien.

Some roads and the necessary software and actors in the protection it is not necessary commitment to programs that I will mention.
First: Update system and leave the update option and these are the most important steps that tolerate a lot where you
Microsoft periodically updates the regulations of view (tinkering) gaps and errors of the security system to have.
Second: The lock device ports open and I will put some way with the utilities in it and explain its work.
Third: the need to install anti-viruses effectively and continuously updated or left on the machine * The option you put anti virus
Internet 2009 with explain how to install and update and examination, and even easier to deal with it and put you
* On its composition, it is not the only option you can sufficiency program that works for you taking care to
Updated and determine the best security settings.
IV: Installation of a strong anti-Spyware (Anti-Spyware) sent on for protection from adware

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