Control Google Chrome From the Nav. Bar and Shortcut Keys

Chrome, Google's vision of the future web browser has some unique characteristics that are sure to make your browsing experience fun. With customizable look, dozens of keyboard shortcuts, and an intuitive interface, users of Chrome will enjoy the eccentricities of a long time. From the address bar ... The address bar

The nav bar, which enter the URL of a web page serves a dual purpose, giving users the options to enter a URL or search term. You can enter a URL as in any other browser and hit "Enter." Or type your search phrase and press "Enter."

You also have the option to choose which search engine to use during the search in the URL address bar.

1. Enter search engine name to use as "Google" or "Yahoo" or "Wiki" and then a space.
2. Enter your search phrase and press Enter.

You can do the same search engine URLs.

1. Type the URL of the search engine to use and press "Tab.
2. Enter your search phrase and press "Enter."

Your reliance on your mouse will begin to dwindle after a few sessions with Chrome thanks to several convenient keyboard shortcuts the Google innovators developed.
Google Shortcut Keys
Ctrl+L- To get to the address bar without clicking, just type the "Control" button and "L". This will highlight the address bar text regardless of where you were on the page before.
Ctrl+Left Arrow- This command will take the cursor to the beginning of the previous word in the address bar, so no more scrolling or selecting with a mouse!
Ctrl+Right Arrow- This command takes your cursor to the beginning of the next word in the address bar.
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow- This combination of key strikes will highlight the entire previous word in the address bar text.
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow- Use this command to highlight the entire next word in the address bar text.
Ctrl+Enter- This combination automatically adds
"<br> http://www." [http://www.] and ".com"
to your search query to take you to the web site. You could just type "microsoft" in the address bar and then hit "Ctrl" and "Enter" and "CNN" will turn into
Ctrl+Enter- This combination works differently when you hit it after typing a URL rather than a search query. Type and hit "Ctrl" and "Enter" and you the link will open in a new background tab.

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