The full course of design vb Style

Will be presented today the first lesson in the design of the forum Style
Cycle will be divided into several lessons very easy and simple that can be tapped new designers or professionals
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The first lesson on 24/7/2010
Petals programs that are necessary and we will use in the design
1: - Photoshop
2: - Front Page
First you will learn are designed header and footer
1: - We inaugurated the program photoshop
2: - the design work is very
Widths 777 high as you want and better to be 750
As in the picture (1)
3: - and then we choose the rectangle tool and the work of hydraulic top of the page
Or, as in the picture(2)&(3)
4: - Action footer the same way but the bottom of the page
As in the picture (4)
5: - After this is done to add some shapes you like and add the header and footer There are many forms such as the use roses or hearts or fantastic things beautiful You can also use brushes with the forms for you and love
Like what I have done in the picture (5)
6: - After that we divide the page to the parts of the tool during the partition and I have identified in the picture also (5)
Divides the header to 5 photos and have them extend the logic of Style
And footer as well as
Look at the photo and well-focused
7: - and then we save the work file and then save for web picture (6)
8: - shows us that page we select save picture (7)
9: - and then load the image file on this form picture (8)
And thus ended the first lesson We wish you success
Waited for the rest of the lessons

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