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CNET editors' review:

When originally aired, Panda Antivirus Cloud was notable as a free security solution for two reasons: Panda traded on its reputation as a provider of robust security suite make its first foray into the field of free software, and the program reached its goal to liberalize the system resources by putting much heavy lifting program in the cloud. We can now add a third reason for the list: it is now known as an effective alternative to power plants safety.

Opening Antivirus Cloud, the main window lets you know if you are unsure or not with a big red or green icon. Antivirus Cloud works like other antivirus solutions to do, offering a quick scan and a custom scan of specific folder, files and disks, but its ancillary features are exceptionally lightweight. You may choose not to provide anonymous data to the cloud, but also bet out of the automatic threat management. There is a network connection option in case you need proxy, and a reporting feature that will show what kind of threats have been detected and deleted from your computer. You can filter the report for All, Last 24 hours last week or last month, and a panel of the recycle bin from which to retrieve a false positive, if needed. The modest level of adjustments and customizations have been hiding behind an odious "flipping" screen that swivels cheesily when you need to access it, but it does offer options in a clean user interface was not available before.

Although still some of the deepest customization weight than other free antivirus solutions, more conspicuous by a programmer, the program is not necessarily a bad choice of antivirus minimized. Added a full-demand scans, and runs on about 15 MB of RAM when idle and around 60 MB when scanning. It is a great option for netbook users aware of resources. Cloud Panda Antivirus security option makes a decent, reasonable for anyone looking for a balance between efficacy and safety system performance.

Publisher's description:

 Cloud Panda Antivirus is the first free antivirus cloud-based thin client. This is a slight anti-viral agent that connects real-time online PandaLabs Collective Intelligence to protect servers quickly against new malware variants, while only impact on PC performance. Thanks to Panda Security's malware Collective Intelligence and online database goodware, Cloud Panda Antivirus detects more malware than traditional signature-based solutions that take longer to detect the most recent and therefore more dangerous variants.


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