Erase History From your Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most recent web browsers and was recently launched by Google.

According to many to be one of the most sophisticated browsers I've ever been.

Is based on the web rendering engine kit and this is not the end of his extravagance, also uses the framework of the implementation.

The best thing about Chrome is that each time you want to find a site and does not know its exact URL. Simple type keywords into the address bar and Chrome using the Google search engine and would give the required results.

Now, we all know how Google Chrome is advancing technologically, but how does it erase history?

Even if not used to clear the browser history is a day may come when it would be necessary to eliminate its history.

For example, perhaps accidentally opened an adult site or looking for a birthday present for his wife or girlfriend and do not want to know. Off course you reinstall the programs is not the solution because it can be time consuming. So just follow these steps and have a history of Google Chrome clears at a time.

It can be done in two ways.

The first is very simple.

1. Just open Google Chrome, and then press Shift + Cntrl + Del and you would have gone.

2. The other way is to click the key that can be seen in the upper right corner of the window. A slide menu and you will see an option to delete the browser history. Click on it and have removed forever.

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