So, What's the Importance of a Computer Mouse?

A computer mouse is a pointing device easy to use and designed for the operation of a computer. It is a portable device that contains some buttons and one or more wheels. Move the mouse on any surface will result in moving the cursor on the graphical user interface computer. It is used for simple click. With a simple click on it, together with a keyboard key press is used to perform specific tasks such as refinancing, the selection, the route menu, drag and drop, noting the aim of crossing, pages, the page to up and other unlimited functions.

The ball of a mechanic has been replaced by the latest laser and optical mouse. These optical and laser mice are lighter in weight than the corresponding current device. These are very precise movements on the computer screen. Users can find PS / 2 USB connector and mice in the market and online stores. The cell phone has now become very famous because of its convenient use and management options, but tends to have a relatively higher price.

Different types of computer mice:

Different types of computer mice are available in the labor market using different technologies, for example, ball, optical, laser and wireless mouse. They can also be classified on the basis of resolution DPI. A mouse cable uses PS / 2 and USB connector. wireless mice use radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR) and Bluetooth signals.

Accessories Computer Mouse:

mechanical mouse requires a mouse pad for the provision of efficient performance. In fact, a mouse pad is the most common mouse accessory, which is used to provide essential friction for the ball can roll smoothly over the surface. However, optical and laser mice do not require a mouse pad. mouse pads of the foot is composed of glossy plastic, which allows the mouse to move smoothly and with less friction so that the user can move the mouse.

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