How to install WordPress Themes to your Web server (with photos)

WordPress is by far the most preferred platform for creating blogs. To make your site accessible on the web, you must install a Web server. Here are some steps to help you install WordPress on a server hosting web sites.

Steps to install WordPress theme:

1. You need to visit the WordPress site and download the latest WordPress codex. In.tar will present the format. Gz.

2. Next, you need to do is make an empty MySQL database web hosting.

3. You need to add a user to your database and granted all privileges.

4. To install WordPress, you can make a directory such as wp1 or something similar on the website hosting of public servants within the HTML file

5. Go to the codex download and extract to any location on your hard drive.

6. You need to add file structure wp1 in the directory you created in web server.

7. Then you must define all the permissions on the folders from wp1 all the way to (chmod 755 wp1)

8. It is necessary to rename the file wp-confi-sample.php to wp-config.php and then open the file and add all user information and also add the name of MySQL database.

9. Open a web browser and type the following Internet address in order to initiate the launcher to complete your installation of WordPress:

10. The WordPress installation procedure only takes a few minutes to complete and will provide you with instructions to guide you to successfully complete the installation. After that, then you will need to verify data access and database information.

If you omit any of the above steps, you will not be able to install your WordPress.

 the way to install wordpress with helping  photos:

First, login to your hosting cPanel. Scroll down to the bottom and search for the software/services panel. The panel look may vary depends on your cPanel type. But, just try to search for this grey smiley icon in that panel. Click on it.

After that, on the left sidebar choose Wordpress from the BLOGS list. Click on it and select the New Installation.

And then, in the place of installation, select the domain name you want the WordPress blog to create. If you want to create a WordPress Blog in the domain sub-directory in which you can type the name of the directory you want the wordpress site to be installed in the installation file in the Directory section. To install the wordpress site in the sub-domain using Fantastico, simply create a sub-domain in your cPanel and select sub-domain that you created on the device in the domain.

After that, the data access management, enter the desired name and password that you use to access your site wordpress panel. Base configuration to enter your name and a valid email address. After that, type the name of the site and the description. For this, you can also change later. After settling with everything, click the Install button Wordpress.

And then click the Finish button to complete the installation of the wordpress installation. After that, you will receive information about installing new blog. You can access your new blog on WordPress: Enter the username and password that you have before you choose and you can start over. 

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